The Year after "I do"

The series, The Year After “I do,” chronicles the first year of our marriage, through a collection of monthly photos taken for the project, Whilst We Wait. The timing of this endeavor could have not been better. It started around April, 2010, which coincidentally is also the month we tied the knot. The chosen subject to be waited for naturally had to be about what will happen to us as newlyweds. It was a complete change of scene, as it requires a lot of adjustment and coming into terms with a lot of firsts. We are happy that we can look back to these triumphs and setback when we are older, because of WWW. More than just simply documenting our married life, this project also seemed to have guided us in a way. Often, one always thinks of what to capture in the coming months; and often, what we anticipated came true. The last month was a very special one as it gave the perfect ending (and beginning) to our waiting.

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