Hi, my name is Julia!! As of 2012, I've shot analogue exclusively!! I was a true lover of photography until 2004, then I lost my love for the art. Life happened, then 2012 and Lomography helped me fall in love with photography all over again (huge thank you for that!). Please enjoy my site, critique and like my photos (but only if you really mean it...;-).

I dedicate my page to my mom and my Nettie! I love you guys...thank you for believing in me!!!

*****These photos were created w/ a ton of love & hard work. Do not use, copy or print for any personal or professional use. If you have any interest in any photos here, let me know. (juliarholcomb@yahoo.com)

My Flickr page: www.flickr.com/photos/juliarholcomb/

An Honor: www.lomography.hk/magazine/319503-meet-our-lomoguru-waggrad…

And Another: magazine.the-impossible-project.com/5-instant-photographers… (I believe this is gone now)

Just WOW!: www.lomography.hk/magazine/340891-the-women-who-are-leading…

"Instant" Recognition: www.dazeddigital.com/photography/article/28745/1/analog-pho…

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