Welcome to my Homepage!

I am an amateur street LOMOgrapher that spends more time looking at potential Camera collections than taking pictures. (Probably due to the fact I don't know where to go and take pictures.) I started in late 2013 to actually pick up taking pictures with Film! For those beginners out there it's an on and off pricey hobby but you could find good deals online. But keep in mind these days prices are soring up high so "don't think just shoot" as much as possible before you can't afford it!

I have been into Russian (Former USSR) cameras for quite a while due to their cheap prices (not so much anymore) and their ability to make pictures "Vintage" more than "modern". Sometimes you look at your pictures and wonder if it was "that" long ago. My current Russian Cameras are: FED 5, Zenit 122K, FED Mikron and the Smena 35.

Lately I've collected a few non-Russian Cameras: Minolta DL-AF, Nikon One Touch Zoom 90 AF, and the Shanghai Seagull (unknown Model - 120 film).

I have recently picked up self-developing at home with Blazinal (Rodinal in Canada) and Caffenol. I almost entirely develop my film in Blazinal since it's the cheapest way and you can actually develop Colour C-41 (yes, Canadian spelling) in B&W Chemistry. Why do I do that? 'Cause "Rodinal" is the most laziest way you can ever develop film, it's a "stand" development. Meaning that you know how people screw up because they agitated too much or not enough or haven't "souped" it long enough? Fear not, "Rodinal" is very forgiving. (I do have colour photos that I get other people to develop at stores; my common store to go to Kerrisdale Cameras.)

Shooting Philosophy:
"Pressure, Hesitance and Ambition" Most of my photos come out "out of focus" or "soft" to my viewers. I guess it's an advantage and a disadvantage. But I hope to shoot photos that my followers and friends can find inspiration in!

Thank you guys for visiting.

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