I call myself "HERO OF THE DAY" because I'm still alive.
After a sudden end of the career (due to illness) I'm the 'house elf' of my dear wife now.
Photography has actually always been my thing.
I restarted on analog fotography lately and enterd the 'Lomo-sphere' on 2023 April 12th.
And I enjoy it!
It is never too late for a happy childhood - even beeing 63!

My 35mm gear:
Rangefinder / Viewfinder:
1978 Revue 400S
1981 Agfa Optima Sensor electronic
1986 Beroquick-KB135

Point and shoot:
1962 Olympus PEN EE half frame
2023 Reto Ultra Wide and Slim
2023 AgfaPhoto Reusable Camera

1975 Porst Reflex CX4 M42 mount (VEB Pentacon Praktica LB2)
1975 Pentaflex-Color-50mm-f=2.8 (Meyer-Domiplan automatic)
1975 Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 135mm f3.5 - a GDR made lens M42 mount

A wooden self constructed pinhole camera for 35mm film in 24x24mm format f=140
2023 Lomography HydroChrome Sutton's Panoramic Belair Camera without lens f=168

Medium format:
1959 Bakelit Agfa Click II with Achromat 72,5 mm f=8,8
2023 Lomography Diana F+ with Glas lens

Happy shooting!

Photo of the week 2023-04-12 "FOOTBALL MATCH IN FORMER DAYS"

80 1,024


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