入圍作品由我們的員工及伙伴選出,然後再競逐 TEN AND ONE Lomography 年度攝影大獎;而大獎的評審團由世界各地出色的 Lomographer、LomoAmigos、攝影界的精英等等。以下是今年度的評審團。


  • Ami(狂阿弥)

    Ami is a popular self-media creator and video blogger with more than one million subscribers. He is keen on humanistic film and television content and loves instant photography, vinyl records, and old movies. He has worked with Huawei, Saturnbird, JD.com, and Disney. Follow him at 狂阿弥.

  • Anett Kaposvári

    Anett Kaposvári is the owner of Lomography Embassy Budapest - Café Analóg and has been working in the film photography and lab business for more than 15 years, which provided her with many opportunities to explore different film formats, cameras, and techniques. Her all-time favorite is shooting in medium format (6x6) and always brings a Hasselblad 500C and a Diana F+ camera with her. Having a limited number of frames, 12 instead of 36 on a roll of 35mm, forces her to think before shooting and appreciate those dozen memorable moments. She spends a lot of time in nature, hiking, and shooting on colored films. What she appreciates the most about the analogue process is seeing how different films can render scenes, depending on lighting conditions and the colors of the surroundings.

  • Anna Volpi

    Anna Volpi is a professional photographer based in Mantova and Verona, Italy. Her commercial work is mostly based on ceremonies, events, portraiture, and erotica. Her personal work is always focused on people, what they do, how they feel, who they are, and what they create. The body is an eternal inspiration for her, with photographs crossing through portraiture, nudes, erotica, life reportage. She teaches photography in several schools, reads portfolios at festivals, and is president of the Biennale of Female Photography. She is also a guide for Aperture Tours.

  • Anne-Fleur Sire

    After two Master’s degrees in visual arts and sociology about photography and portraiture, Anne-Fleur Sire turned her attention to onirism and sensations in her work. For her, analogue photography is the perfect medium for experimentation, self-discovery, and discovery of the other. The photographer often collaborates with Lomography.

  • Anton Vernydub

    Anton Vernydub is one of Austrias most popular film photographers. The Vienna-based artist enjoys capturing his surroundings in wonderful, dreamy pastel colors on 35 mm film - both in his hometown and whilst on his spectacular travels. His magical pictures are especially astonishing considering that he only really discovered his love for film photography in 2019!

  • Carla Dief

    Carla Dief is a photographer and YouTuber based in Madrid, Spain. She’s been shooting on film since 2014. In 2017 she began her photography studies and started to work as a photographer in 2019. Since 2018, she has been sharing her knowledge of photography through her YouTube channel. Visit her website.

  • Chris Ke

    Chris Ke is a full-time independent photographer from Taiwan. He has won IPA, PX3, and other photography awards. For him, photography links the lens and the world, recording moments and making connections between the photographer and the people. His interests are portrait, street, and fashion photography, and also recording his day-to-day life. Among all these, he’s drawn towards portraiture the most as it carries the emotions and feelings of his subjects. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Claudia Sajeva

    2016 年 TEN AND ONE Adrenaline Junkies 得獎者 Claudia Sajeva (@-dakota-) 以電影攝影展現對建築及電影的熱情。

  • Corentin Schieb

    Corentin Schieb 是來自法國的攝影師兼導演。 最初拍攝是作為一種保存記憶的方式,當他開始研究菲林時,他對攝影的熱情開始大增。 他的照片著重於與朋友的冒險,探索和長途旅行。 儘管他喜歡拍攝生活場景,他希望捕捉到年輕人的原始之美和他們的自由思想,與青春這短暫和迷失的時光形成對比。

  • EMGK

    Baptiste, also known as EMGK Photographie on YouTube, is a professional photographer specializing in analogue wedding photography. Four years ago, he created his Youtube channel about analogue photography to share his tips, advice, and gear tests. He also created Box Argentique, a photo box to discover a new film every two months with photo challenges and tips.

  • Edward Conde

    Lomographer Edward Conde (@edwardconde) 遊走於不同格式的菲林及相機間進行實驗攝影,令他成位 2016 年 TEN AND ONE 的 Now or Never 組別得獎者。

  • Eleonora Sabet

    Eleonora Sabet is a portraitist and documentary author of Syrian-Palestinian origins born in Milan in 1995. She is a self-taught photographer who starts developing an interest in photographic art through self-portraits. In 2018 she starts traveling in the Middle East to find her origins and to develop her personal projects. In 2019 she wins a scholarship with VII Academy and participates in “Photojournalist Survival Kit” Ron Haviv’s workshop. After that experience, he nominates her for the 6×6 Global Talent Program World Press Photo. In 2020, she had Maggie Steber as her teacher who guided her through her family’s photographic research. In 2021, her project “Confined Youth” is selected for the عـمـان – ـصـورة الـ مـهـرجـان Image Festival Amman. She is a resident artist at OEG – Open Edition Gallery by Perimetro and her work is part of the curators’ selection by Claudio Composti, Hester Keijser, and Enrico Stefanelli. In 2021, she published her first book “The Memory Of You Still Hurts”, she joins Heillandi Gallery and JERGON, co-founded usthey NARRATIVE, a collective born to raise the voices of photographers who identify as a minority. She actively collaborates with Perimetro Magazine, curating a column focused on stories about minorities. Currently, her artistic production focuses on analyzing social issues, especially those she is related to.

  • Emily Swift

    Emily Swift is a film photographer located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Emily first picked up a camera her freshman year of high school when she signed up for a 35mm film photography course. She went on to study photography in college and opened her first photography studio in 2017 specializing in portrait and fashion photography. After working as a freelance photographer and seeing the world through the fashion circuit, Emily pivoted in her approach to being a working photographer and went back to her roots. In March of 2021, Emily founded Darkslide Film Lab which is one of three film labs in the entire state of Connecticut and is operated by herself and two other young women. Emily continues to take clients by referrals and spends most of her time tucked away in the darkroom she built in her studio.

  • Emma Swann

    Her role as the Founding Editor of UK-based music magazine DIY is what led Emma Swann to the photography path and is frequently found in the pit at festivals including Glastonbury, SXSW, and Reading. Shooting portraits and behind-the-scenes is where her passion lies and incorporates analogue processes into her work wherever possible.

  • Experimental Photo Festival (Laura Ligari and Pablo Giori)

    Every July, the international community of experimental photographers pilgrim to Barcelona to share, learn, and have a lot of fun! EXP.22 is a summer camp festival organized by Experimentalphotofestival, a non-profit cultural association created by Laura Ligari and Pablo Giori that aims to create, promote and disseminate experimental photography in all its forms. EXP. 22 III International Festival on Experimental Photography is happening in Barcelona, July 20-24th, 2022. Laura Ligari has a degree in language, art, and culture, and is a 95% self-taught graphic designer and photographer. She is a feminist and has a Ph.D. in falling asleep soon. She has Italian origins and a feeling of not belonging to any territory. She is a pizza lover and Facebook hater. Pablo Giori is passionate about both historical and experimental photography. He has a Ph.D. in contemporary history and is an unexpressed desires facilitator and a civil engineer of unknown bridges and roads.

  • HuangMaGua(皇马卦)

    "HuangMaGua(皇马卦)" is a show hosted by Huangfu Xiaoliang and Ma Yiwei. Since 2017, they have been sharing film photography content through vlogs. "HuangMaGua" discusses film photography in a relaxed way, making it accessible to all. They believe that "the value of photography lies in recording and expressing" and encourage everyone to experience it. They have worked with Lomography, Canon, and Fujifilm. Follow them at Bilibili. Ma Yiwei is responsible for planning, editing, and hosting the show. He has been engaged in the advertising creative industry for 10 years and has worked in different art institutions. He also participated in the exhibition design work of photographers such as Araki Nobuyoshi in China. Follow him on Instagram as marberboss. Huangfu Xiaoliang is a photography teacher who has taught in colleges for 10 years. He has a collection of more than 1,000 photography books, and often shares the reading reviews on his own channel 皇甫晓亮.

  • Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi

    Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi 以攝影與人建立關係。她主要拍攝人像及音樂會,作品曾登上 Vanity Fair、Wired、Io Donna、L’Espresso、Vice Magazine 等。

  • Jack Munsch

    Jack Munsch is a photographer and filmmaker based in London and is also the creator and curator of Photo Cinematica - the home for cinematic photography online. He began shooting film as an attempt to make photos that looked like movie stills, using atmosphere and the texture of film as a storytelling tool, and more recently, exploring this idea in his love affair with street photography

  • Jules Renault

    Jules Renault is a Parisian director and photographer. Passionate about music and street culture, Jules gets his inspiration and energy from the skate, hip-hop, blues, and cinema universes. In 2021, he released a book and exhibited his first solo show: “Crown Heights - Suspended in Times”. Alongside his personal work, he does photoshoots for brands. Jules loves to experiment with the analogue medium. Catch him on Instagram.

  • Julija Svetlova

    Julija Svetlova is a photographer, art historian, and founder of www.nejasartwalks.com, a bespoke provider of art-related experiences in London (Instagram: @nejasartwalks). Her love for photography began when she started to experiment with analogue cameras as a teenager in St Petersburg. In 2003, she joined the Hermitage Museum’s photographic laboratory before moving to London in 2007. She has been photographing on film for over 20 years and her work has been published and exhibited internationally. Currently, she is working on different personal projects, which include making a book of her film soup experiments.

  • Lena Storjohann

    Lena Storjohann is a self-taught experimental photographer working on double and multiple exposures. She combines as many techniques as possible on 35mm film (like EBS, in-camera masks, filters, cross-processing, film soups, splits, and film swaps) to reflect on reality and truth in their vibrant plurality and their dependence on chance and to celebrate the beauty, humor, and absurdity of this world. This philosophical background and being a graduate art therapist strongly influenced her approach to photography. Remembering the Lomography community’s kindness and generosity regarding inspiration, information, and support over all the years, she enjoys sharing her acquired skills and ongoing research by writing articles and giving workshops at the experimental photo festival in Barcelona (EXP.22). Her photos have been exhibited in Spain and Colombia.

  • Linksphotograph

    Linksphotograph (jichangyuan) is a young landscape photographer from China. He graduated from the Department of Art Photography in Tokyo, Japan, and received a good education in traditional photography. He has worked with brands such as Nikon, Canon, OPPO, Insta360, DJI, and Zhiyun. In 2021, he held many photography exhibitions in Japan and China: [To The Peak] at the Sony Imaging Gallery in Ginza, Japan, [Traveling 旅しないカメラ] at Place MArt Gallery, and a solo exhibition "探索不止 Keep Exploring" at Nikon China Store (Shanghai) November. Follow him on Bilibili at Linksphotograph or visit his website.

  • Lorraine Healy

    Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lorraine Healy has been a resident of Washington State, US, for the last 28 years. An award-winning poet as well as a photographer, she is an inveterate dog lover, traveler, and hiker.

  • Maja Jutanda

    Living in the PNW where the adventure never stops, Maja loves to spend time outdoors, travel, and capture moments on film. Her main focus is black and white photography. When not capturing moments, she is the Purchasing and Sales Manager at Pro Photo Supply in Portland, Oregon, where she is responsible for purchasing the most cutting-edge photography technology for the company and supporting the photo community in all of their photographic needs. Maja graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography, with a degree in Commercial and Editorial Photography. After graduation, Maja traveled the vast expansive lands of the US with her partner and dog in both a van, documenting every step of her journey with beautiful photographs. Follow her on Instagram at @mjutanda.

  • Martynas Katauskas

    Martynas Katauskas has been shooting on film for a decade and is one of the longtime members of the Lomography Community where is known as duffman. Currently, he’s studying photojournalism and documentary photography in Hannover while working as a photographer at Bremen’s newspaper Weser-Kurier.

  • Maxwell Schiano

    Maxwell Schiano is a freelance photographer, filmmaker, and producer living in New York City. His work focuses on celebrating NYC through its everyday moments, finding the intersection of beauty and realness. In 2020, he released his first print publication as "New York City Vibe" – an homage to NYC food carts, raising funds to support the Street Vendor Project. He’s worked for brands such as Tiffany & Co, HBO, Glossier, MoMA, RCA Records, Revlon, and more. Find him on the internet as @newyorkcityvibe.

  • Nicola D’Orta

    Born in Caserta, Italy, in 1984, Nicola D’Orta is a photographer certified by Leica. He has always considered art as a means of communication in all its forms and expressions. He studied at the University of Architecture "Luigi Vanvitelli" and has a Master in Advanced Photography at The European Institute of Design which he attended in Venice. This experience provided him tools to expand his knowledge about art and enabled him to create a form of individual creativity that has found its expression and practical synthesis in photography. In a world that moves too fast and doesn’t always give an opportunity to appreciate the beauty all around, he wants his photographs to be a small contribution to gather together moments, places, and faces, turning them into images and unforgettable emotions.

  • Noemi Bellioni

    Berlin-based photographer Noemi Bellioni is capturing the world around her in amazingly versatile snapshots that will make you feel homesick for places you have never been. As the founder of BerlinOnFilm, Noemi is leading a community of passionate non-professional film photographers that regularly meet up for Photo Walks and other shenanigans!

  • Oliver Heinemann

    Oliver Heinemann is an architectural photographer and owner of Khrome, a photography shop in Hamburg, Germany catering to all things analogue, and a professional lab for photo and motion picture film processing. He is one of the founding members of BVAF, the first German association dedicated to supporting and propagating architectural photography as a sustainable business and art form. Oliver has been a fan of Lomography since its inception in the late 90s. For him, the most important thing to learn about photography is to simply go out and shoot, no matter what camera, film, etc. that you have. With that in mind, he is honored to participate as a judge in the Lomography Awards.

  • Pirak Anurakyawachon

    Pirak Anurakyawachon is professional photographer and former editor of Art4D magazine. "Dei Pirak Anurakyawachon" of Spaceshift Studio is the foremost architectural photography studio in Thailand. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Revela’T

    Revela’T, the international festival of contemporary analog photography, is a unique event in Spain and pioneer in the world - absolutely singular and an international reference - that attracts the attention of photographers and people interested in Art and Culture from all over the world. The presence of all these artists and creators of the first level has allowed consolidation of the excellence and international dimension of this analog event, in which photographers from many countries participate. Follow them on Instagram.

  • Sally & Matthias

    作為 Lomography 的創始人和總監,不可能有比 Sally 和 Matthias 更好的評委。他們特別喜歡從腰間拍攝的照片!

  • Simon King

    Simon King is a documentary photographer, writer, and teacher. His most recent publication is D.C. Exclusion Zone offering a perspective on the highly restricted situation surrounding Washington D.C. during the 59th Presidential Inauguration. Simon is a member of the New Exit Group, which collaborates on long-form social narrative stories and photo essays. Headshot by Zack Webb.

  • Simone Savo

    Simone Savo has been shooting on film for more than a decade and is an avid fan of film soup experiments. He creates entertaining content for his recipes and reviews of different cameras and films on his Instagram account.

  • Sissi Lu

    Sissi Lu is a film photographer based in New York City. Always carrying her Hasselblad 500cm, she captures the empathetic nature of humanity everywhere she travels. Sissi’s current project a Word to the Young archives timeless wisdom with storytelling portraits of the elderly community.

  • Tobi Pripicart

    Tobi Pripicart is one of Germany’s most sought-after analogue photographers, hailing from beautiful Garmisch-Partenkirchen! His signature style of amazingly intimate portraits showcasing raw feminine beauty in all its softness and roughness is truly captivating.

  • Yoshitaka Goto

    資深又突出的 Lomographer Yoshitaka Goto (@gocchin) 以他完美的多重曝光作品推進實驗攝影極限,亦曾是 Monochrome 組別得獎者。他的作品曾於日本門市展出。


  • Adi Prakarsa

    資深社群成員 Adi Prakarsa (@adi_totp) 透過菲林攝影作與他研究對像的溝通媒介。

  • Aislinn Chuahiock

    Aislinn Chuahiock 是菲律賓最大的菲林商舖之一的 Film Folk 創辦人。她是一個狂熱的菲林相機收藏家,特別喜歡用黑白菲林記錄她日常生活和在世界各地旅行的片段。

  • Amaia Hodge

    來自西班牙的 Amaia Hodge 是 Lomography 的資深社群成員,也是 LomoKino 的發燒者。2012 年,她出版了自己的第一本攝影集《SOUVENIR: Esto no es una guía de viajes》並獲得洛格羅尼奧市政府的嘉獎。從那以後,她的作品多次被展出。

  • 白薇

    白薇 是來自北京的屢獲殊榮的攝影師。 她是 Film Renaissance Office 的創始人,並在打理人氣的微博帳號 Japanese Albums ,以及是華為、阿里巴巴和京東的共同攝影師。 她獲得了 2018 年微博十大攝影影響力貢獻獎、2019 年攝影師有影響力獎和 2020 年微博最有影響力組織獎。

  • Analog Football

    Analog Football i是首個致力於 analogue 菲林攝影和足球的媒體。 他們的目標是改變我們看足球的方式──更加真實、流行和藝術的。 2020 年,Analog Football 推出了 Analog Sport,這是第一個學習 analogue 菲林運動攝影的聯合教育項目。 在成立的第一年,該組織通過理論課和圖片報導工作坊,向 6 名 15 至 18 歲的年輕人進行教學。

  • Andrei Klyshko

    Andrei Klyshko 是來自白俄羅斯的電影攝影師和菲林相機賣家。 他從 2012 年開始使用 Smena 8M 拍攝,隨著時間的流逝,這菲林攝影的熱情變得越來越濃厚。現在,他與一個由設計師、化妝師、花匠和其他從事創意工作的人員組成的團隊合作,為模特兒概念化富有個人特色的造型。 他的風格涉及使用柔和的光學器件在其照片上打造出類似水彩畫般的效果。 閒暇時光,街頭攝影是他心靈的快樂。在 2020 年,他開設了新的analogue 菲林攝影網上商店

  • Andrej Russkovkskij

    Andrej Russkovkskij 出生於意大利,現在是一位於柏林的獸醫醫生及有出版過菲林攝影集的攝影師,並對肖像和旅遊攝影情有獨鍾。他目前正在編劇一個系列叫 B L N K D Z #meettheberlinkids,目標是要展現生活在柏林裏的不同的面孔。

  • Antonio Amendola

    Antonio Amendola#Shoot4Change 的發起人,同時是一位為 NGO 工作的國際攝影師。透過計劃,他希望訴說主流媒體忽略了的故事。

  • Antonio Castello

    時裝攝影師 Antonio Castello 是 Lomography 哥倫比亞的大使。他常以 Lomography 相機及 Art Lens 為各大牌子拍攝。

  • Ben Hammer

    專業攝影師 Ben Hammer 熱衷於以影像訴說故事。照片由 Philipp Reinhard 拍攝。

  • Benedetta Falugi

    Benedetta Falugi 是來自意大利托斯卡納的獨立攝影師。 最初,她以一種休閒的方式接觸攝影,但是一旦意識到這是她熱愛的工藝,她便繼續通過各種工作坊學習和自學攝影。 她發起了一個個人項目,試圖研究「心臟的位置和生活在那裡的人們」。 她的電影攝影作品已在意大利和國外的多家攝影雜誌,書籍以及各種個人和集體展覽中發表。

  • Bjarke Ahlstrand

    自稱為「管理獨裁者」,Bjarke Ahlstrand 的多方面生活方式使他成為我們當前的文藝復興藝術人物之一。 他廣泛的興趣愛好、對企業的冒險以及熱情使他建立了One of Many。其中,One of Many Cameras,是他位於哥本哈根市中心時用作菲林拍攝和實驗的輔助工具。

  • Brett Allen Smith

    Brett Allen Smith 是獨立的電影製片人和中東地區的記者。 他獲得了 2018 年 Lomography 電影類別的獎項。 儘管他的創作根源於紀錄片和街頭攝影,但他還冒險嘗試抽象化的肖像攝影,以探索瀰漫我們現代世界的超現實主義。

  • Cagla Gulkilik

    Cagla Gulkilik 是一個旅行發燒者。她熱衷於拍攝風景和人像作品,並在 2017 年的 Off the Grid 類別中獲勝,及在 TEN AND ONE 攝影比賽中擔任駐場藝術家。

  • Carolina Bonnelly

    Carolina Bonnelly 在多米尼加共和國出生並長大,現在居住在邁阿密。 她是電影製片人和真正的 Lomographer,並獲得了 2018 年 Lomography Awards「 特別類別:Movement」的獎章。她專注於拍攝城市空間,並連續拍攝一系列飛機圖像,巧妙地將飛機圖像巧妙反射在水坑、鏡子、咖啡杯等意外的表面上。

  • Chase Hart

    位於洛杉磯的 Chase Hart 是一位全職社論和藝術攝影師,他使用綽號myfridayfilms。除了他引人注目的品味肖像畫外,他還通過雙曝光照片和 Film Soup 菲林湯底項目展示了他的實驗性一面。 他是2018 年 Lomography Award 「人類故事」類別的獲獎者之一。

  • 鄭男煌

    鄭男煌是一位來自台灣的自由攝影師,是 Leica 國際攝影獎的獲獎者,並且於法國巴黎 PX3 攝影大賽中獲得了肖像-個性類的金獎。 他的電影作品也曾在台灣的 Wonder Foto Day 展覽中展出。

  • Christine Bartolucci

    Christine Bartolucci 是洛杉磯的攝影師、播客和 Youtuber。她 2004 年從攝影學院畢業後,便開始從事專業人像攝影和靜態攝影。作為一名狂熱的電影攝影師,她還和別人合作主持了名為 Analog Talk 的內容。她還製作了關於電影攝影的 Youtube

  • Christine Voss

    Christine Voss 擁有近 20 年菲林攝影經驗,享受著拍攝每個當下成為藝術的過程。她最喜歡帶著 LC-A 及 Sprocket Rocket 相機旅遊。她亦是 2017 年 TEN AND ONE Awards Urban Explorers 組別的得獎者。照片由 marder17 拍攝。

  • Cristóbal Valdés

    來自智利的攝影師 Cristóbal Valdés 是 Lomography 大使,也是攝影商舖 Migo 的創辦人。他作為建築、裝裝飾、出版物和各個不同專業項目的攝影師在各領域穿梭,不斷發揮創意。

  • Denise Skiadopoulos

    Denise Skiadopoulos 於 Leica Academy Greece 修讀攝影,與她的姊妹一起於希臘開設攝影器材店 Skiadopoulos LTD

  • Dimitri Beck

    Dimitri Beck 是巴黎攝影雜誌 Polka── 一家致力於新聞攝影和當代攝影的法國出版物的總監。Polka 名下的 Polka Factory 是巴黎的一個舉辦展覽地方,而在新建的 Polka Factory 中,你可以找得到我們的相機產品,與其他書本、美術印刷品等一起並列售賣。照片由 Alizé Le Maoult 拍攝。

  • Dupdupdee

    Dupdupdee 是一名業餘街頭攝影師,他喜歡捕捉有趣的人物和香港的街道。 作為 2019 年 Lomography Awards「Adrenaline Junkies Award 類別」的獲獎者,他是一名活躍的 Lomographer,喜歡使用他的平台與其他菲林攝影師分享照片並交換想法。

  • Dusit Semangoen

    Dusit Semangoen 是曼谷創意公司 WOFWOF 的攝影師、攝像師和製作總監。他喜歡自己沖洗黑白菲林。

  • Eduardo Espinoza Chávez

    來自墨西哥的 Eduardo Espinoza Chávez 是電影發燒者,並熱衷於菲林攝影。他從王家衛的作品中獲取靈感,拍攝許多富有感染力的雙重曝光和人像作品。

  • Eleonore Pairet

    2016 年 TEN AND ONE 特別組別 Migration and Identity 的得獎者 Eleonore Pairet (@eleonorepairet) 以與別不同的旅遊攝影作品為各位帶來靈感感。

  • Elisa Maccario

    於米蘭從事設計工作的 Elisa Maccario 對視覺藝術的溝通及攝影相當熟悉,亦是 M E S T U D I O 的主理人,亦是 Lomography Italy 的總經理。

  • Eric Karsenty

    於名攝影學校畢業後,Eric Karsenty 於不同雜誌及攝影公司工作。他現時是 Fisheye Magazine 的總編。照片由 Israel Arino 拍攝。

  • Francesco Gozzi

    Francesco Gozzi 是一名自由記者,一直為幾間義大利雜誌工作。自 2013 年開始,他一直擔任網上攝影雜誌 The Mammoth’s Reflex 的總編輯。

  • Franck Gonnaud

    Franck Gonnaud 從 1996 年開始便是菲林攝影的愛好者!他的作品在各出版物和展覽中出現,也是 Adrenaline Junkies 比賽類別的勝出者,及在 2017 年 TEN AND ONE 攝影比賽中擔任駐場藝術家。

  • Frank Thorp V

    Frank Thorp V 是NBC 新聞報導美國參議院的製片人和記者,同時他對菲林攝影也充滿熱情。 自 2018 年以來,他一直在報導國會期間進行菲林拍攝,包括使用大幅面的 Speed Graphic 相機記錄當時的美國總統特朗普的彈劾事件。Frank Thorp V 一直在嘗試各種形式的菲林攝影,試圖擴大如何在視覺上遮蓋國會的界限。

  • Fumihiko Suzuki

    Fumihiko Suzuki 是自由編輯、作家和攝影師。他一直熱衷於出版攝影雜誌和書籍,目前擔任菲林攝影雜誌 snap! 的總編輯!

  • Gary Quickfall

    Gary Quickfall 來自英國,他喜歡滑板、擊鼓和拍照。 他在 2018 年 Lomography Awards 的「Game Changers類別」中佔據一席之地,證明了他在創造醒目的多重曝光圖像上的才華,這些圖像充滿了鮮豔的色彩。

  • Georgina Glaser

    熱愛科研的 Georgina Glaser 目前在英國生態組織 British Ecological Society 工作,並曾合作舉辦了一年一度的攝影比賽 Capturing Ecology,關注自然和野生動物之美。在 2019 年 1 月以來,她以成功舉辦了兩次攝影展!

  • Gil Rigoulet

    Gil Rigoulet 1975 年開始他的攝影事業,並成為 Le Monde 報紙的首位官方攝影師,他亦是為攝影記者,於不同雜誌工作超過 二十年。照片由 Hanna Hildebrand 拍攝。

  • Grant Spanier

    洛杉磯導演及攝影師 Grant Spanier 積另一攝影師組成 a href="https://www.dad-dad.com/">DAD,製作音樂影片、創意拍攝,及時裝/雜誌攝影。

  • Hannah Bailey

    Hannah Bailey 是一位屢獲殊榮的攝影師、新聞工作者和製片人。她沉浸於極限運動、冒險和戶外的地下場景中已經有 11年。Hannah 生於愛丁堡,她的作品記錄了全世界的滑板運動,並因此獲得了 Women’s Sport Trust 和 Campaign Magazine 的獎項,並獲得了 i_D、Dazed、Asian Geographic 和 Women’s Fitness 等媒體的支持。 她的熱情在於展現攝影的創意,在菲林上的拍攝以及大自然的自然光所激發。 自 2010 年以來,她一直是 Lomographer 的驕傲。照片由 RupertShanks 拍攝。

  • Hiroshi Chinzei

    日本攝影師及 Hiroshi Chinzei代官山北村相機店 的店長。

  • Holger Nitschke

    Holger Nitschke 自 2004 年以來一直在拍攝數碼照片。在 2019 年,他開始菲林拍攝,並學會沖印自己的菲林照片。 他的主要拍攝肖像和時裝攝影並偏愛用黑白攝影。自從他嘗試過期的菲林以來,彩色照片現在在他的作品集中也佔有一席之地。 他喜歡自發的實驗照片,可以說絕對痴迷於攝影。

  • Jatuporn Pateepaparnee

    Jatuporn Pateepaparnee 一位是攝影師、視頻編輯和自由平面設計師。 他於 2014 年開始他的攝影之路,隨著拍攝的次數越多,他對攝影的投入就越多。

  • Jeremy Cheung

    Jeremy Cheung 於十年前開始了攝影事業,記下了香港一直變遷的城市面貌,亦成為了他的作品主題。作為城市、活動及建築攝影師,他專注於故事上,亦著重於幾何構圖及字體學中。

  • Jerry

    Jerry 從五年前開始踏上攝影師之路,他對街拍、人像、紀錄片充滿熱情,並開創了 Instagram hashtag #小人物大城市,以鼓勵每個人留意身處的環境。他為台北第一果菜市場拍攝了許多作品,並出版《輪轉》攝影集及在 2019 年舉辦該攝影展。

  • Johanna Olk

    年輕的法國藝術家 Johanna Olk 來自工業設計學系,喜歡一切簡單但永不過時的東西。她的作品曾在法國和美國展出。從她的畫作中可看到女生們憂鬱的情感。在她的藝術世界中,時間彷彿停止了。

  • Jonathan Paragas

    Jonathan Paragas 是一位主要用菲林的街拍攝影師。他於 2015 年開始嘗試人像拍攝,但他真正愛上攝影是將鏡頭轉向街頭,捕捉街道上人們隱藏的故事的時候!街拍已經成為他的畢生所好!

  • Julia Beyer

    Julia Beyer is an instant/analog photographer from Germany. Fueled by her imagination gone wild, she creates dreamlike portraits and surreal atmospheres that are infused with an insatiable wanderlust and her love for indie music. Her work is featured in various international online and offline magazines, exhibitions and music releases. She is a member of the renowned 12:12 Project and Stefanie Schneider’s "Instant Dreams" online Gallery. Photo by Joep Gottemaker.

  • Kamila Kulik

    以電影、文學及當代藝術作靈感,Kamila Kulik (@kamila_k) 拍攝以菲林相機拍攝夢幻又強烈的人像作品。同時,她亦是 2016 年 TEN AND ONE 的 Human Stories 組別得獎者。

  • Khalifa Al Obaidly

    海洋生物學家 Khalifa Al Obaidly 熱愛水底攝影,他於卡塔爾博物館及 Khalifa Art Center 工作。

  • Kida Sepmongkollert

    Kida Sepmongkollerd graduated with a master’s degree in Telecommunications Management at the College of Innovation, Thammasat University. He is a specialist photographer and the first runner-up of Fan Pan Tae, a famous quiz show in Thailand, in the camera category. Aside from this, he is the Business Development Manager of the Big Camera Corporation Public Company Limited, a speaker for the Techno for Life show on FM 99MHz radio, and owner of the Facebook fan page and Youtube Channel, SnapTech Zone.

  • Kurt Prinz

    Kurt Prinz 以攝影表達自己的情感。他成為了攝影師超過十年,於傳理及廣告範疇工作。

  • Kyle Depew

    Kyle Depew 於 2015 年開始了 Brooklyn Film Camera,是紐約少數的菲林相機及復古即影即有專賣店。

  • La Fille Renne

    La Fille Renne is a French and non-binary film photographer, osteologist, baby tattoo artist and teacher. She enjoys photographing people, intimacy, curiosities, travels, and cats. Along with Raphaëla Icguane, she is the co-founder Polysème Magazine, a printed magazine about feminism, film photography, and art. She also directed short films which focused on bodies and sexualities with Laure Giappiconi and Elisa Monteil.

  • Laetitia Duveau

    Laetitia DuveauCurated by GIRLS 的創辦人和 CEO,這是一個由女生策劃,並通過藝術促進多樣性和平等的平台。她也是一名藝術家,並在 2016 年由巴黎搬到柏林尋找靈感中成為策展人。這是她人生新篇章的起點,帶著對藝術和挑戰的熱愛,她創辦了一個支持新興女性和跨性別人士發展藝術的平台。照片由 Louise Lemeur 拍攝。

  • Lanna Apisukh

    憑著她滑雪及體操背景,Lanna Apisukh 隨時準備於動作中拍攝。同時作為生活、人像及紀實攝影師,她的作品表現了年輕、獨立、文化、風格及旅遊題材。

  • Leah Frances

    Leah Frances 負責操刀美國文物和圖像研究 American Squares 的 Instagram 攝影項目。她的作品已在多個平台和多國中展出,並在 2019 年秋天由 AINT-BAD 出版攝影集《American Squares》。

  • 李宗銘

    作為 2017 年 TEN AND ONE Game Changers 類別的得獎者, Lee Tsung Ming 總能拍攝引人入勝的人像作品。

  • Lertkiat Chongjirajitra

    Lertkiat Chongjirajitra 是一名小號管弦樂手和攝影師。他也是曼谷知名菲林沖曬公司 LERT 的老闆。

  • LithiumSociety

    攝影師和藝術總監 ValeMatt 在義大利羅馬的平面設計工作室 HB Production 工作。他們兩種截然不同的風格共同經營菲林攝影的平台 LithiumSociety

  • Louis Dazy

    巴黎導演兼攝影師 Louis Dazy 於四年前開始拍攝懷舊電影攝影之路。通過他細膩的拍攝角度、光線和構圖,創造許多充滿溫柔憂鬱的城市夜拍。他在 2019 年推出第一本攝影集 Dreams in Technicolor。

  • L’oeil d’Eos

    After a long journey round the globe, Eloïse et Luc decided to create L’oeil d’Eos, a creative studio specialised in photo and video mainly focused in the travel field but also in lifestyle, fashion and sport. L’oeil d’Eos’ creations are the testimony of authentic stories with the aim of subliming the interaction between man and nature. In their images, light and poetry prevail in order to encourage the viewers to travel, to discover and to feel the raw subtlety of the world. Passionate about travels, wild areas and mysterious atmospheres, they are also the curators of EOS | Explore Observe Share on Instagram.

  • Marcus Russell Price

    Marcus Russell Price is an award-winning photographer, documentary filmmaker and visual artist. His work has been featured in numerous outlets, including Netflix, Comedy Central, Marie Claire, and New York Magazine. Price is perhaps best known as a trusted photographer of comedians like Hannibal Buress, Pete Davidson, and Aziz Ansari. He is an Executive Producer of Expecting Amy, a documentary series featuring Amy Schumer, just released on HBO Max. Marcus has recently dedicated his time as a frontline photographer for the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • Maria Kotylevskaja

    Maria Kotylevskaja works as photographer and content creator in Berlin. Since she depends on the speed and perfection of digital photography for her professional work, she enjoys using analogue cameras for freelance work and projects even more! Her focus is on the natural, which is why she mainly concentrates on portraits and nude photography.

  • Mario Ferrer

    Mario Ferrer (@guanatos) 是 2016 年度 TEN AND ONE Cinematics 組別的得獎者之一。除了相片,他亦以 LomoKino 相機製作了創意十足的短片。

  • Marion Herbain

    Marion Herbain 開設了熱門 Instagram 專頁 f1rstoftheroll,齊集菲林愛好者們的片頭,被視為不完整的作品。

  • Marta Huguet

    馬德里人像攝影師 Marta HuguetLa PeliculeraWhattaroll Magazine 的創辦人,她為具備天賦的菲林攝影師提供平台。

  • Maxime Gobet

    Maxime Gobet opened L’imaginarium du photographe in August 2016 in Clermont-Ferrand, in the center of France. In his analogue photography shop, you can find photo gear including Lomography products. There’s also a lab and an exhibition room. With three other photographers, Maxime recently created Association Monstre in order to promote even more photography in his town.

  • Mihály Alagi

    Mihály Alagi 的超現實多重曝光作品打破了攝影的常規,以黑白的方式捕捉日常風景的樸素之美,並在 2017 年成為 TEN AND ONE Monochrome 類別的得獎者。

  • Montague Fendt

    Montague Fendt (@montagu) 從事廣告及獨立電影拍攝,他亦是 2016 年度 TEN AND ONE 比賽 Monochrome 及 Breaking Boundaries 組別得獎者之一。

  • Morgane Erpicum

    Morgane Erpicum 喜歡周遊世界探索浩瀚的大自然。她的照片向我們展現了這個星球的生命力:在這個世界上,生命必須是強大的、堅韌的才能生存。她的作品讓我們講人類自身的脆弱和極端環境的脆弱進行對比,她敢於捕捉這些壯觀的地方,因為或許它們明天就會消失,同時鼓勵人們愛惜和保護它們。

  • Naomi Davison

    Naomi Davison is a UK-based photographer with a background in magazine journalism. Currently part of the team at Intrepid Camera Co., helping to grow the large-format photography community and make the medium more accessible. Her personal work ranges from minimal portraiture to documentary style scenes predominantly shot on medium format film. She recently collaborated with Lomography to test out the new LomoGraflok 4x5 Instant Back.

  • Nicola D’Orta

    人像攝影師 Nicola D’orta 對藝術、攝影、時裝有深入認識,塑造了他的創作。透過作品,你希望帶出不被發現之美。

  • Nopawach Bom Gajajiva

    Photographer, conceptual artist, professional musician and founder of “The LightSaver” Nopawach Bom Gajajiva is an active artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. He uses both film and digital medium to capture his art. For many years, Bom has been consistently working with many photographic brands including Lomography.

  • Nural Idrisoglu

    Nural Idrisoglu 是 Lomography Turkey 的經理,於七年間一直分享她對菲林攝影的熱誠。

  • Nuria Cabrera Sancho

    Nuria Cabrera Sancho 是巴塞隆納的記者。除了擔任當地電台主持人及行銷經理外,Nuria 也有寫網誌,表達她內心的感受和經歷。她喜歡帶著 120 或 35 mm 的菲林相機旅行,捕捉不同國家的日常生活細節。

  • Patrice Baunov

    As a self-styled “Visual Arthropologist”, Patrice Baunov works as a documentary storyteller who captures moments in an experimental approach through manual manipulation of the camera, film, developing process, etc. Through his work, he seeks to preserve and present his own perception of the world and to document life, culture, architecture, nature, and more.

  • Paul Hepper

    Paul Hepper is a photographer and videographer from Berlin. For him, the most important aspect of photography is for the images to convey moods. Paul also shares his knowledge on photography through his YouTube channel PaulsGym.

  • Paul McKay

    Paul Mckay 是 Analogue Wonderland 的創辦人之一。他從岳父那裡繼承了一部 Olympus OM11,並開展了菲林攝影的道路。他開設菲林攝影專門店是為了宣傳菲林攝影的樂趣,並將它普及化。

  • Paul del Rosario

    Paul del Rosario120LOVE 的創辦人。這是一個在日本的生活時尚品牌,和在當今數碼主導的世界發掘菲林攝影的樂趣和精神。

  • Photoblog.hk

    Photoblog.hk 是由 Alex、Kenneth、Rex 和 Nok 創辦的。除了網頁,團隊成員都有不同的職業,但他們對攝影和寫作都抱有熱情。他們認為 Photoblog 是攝影師的筆記簿,記錄了關於攝影的所有最新進展。

  • Pierre P. Marchal

    Pierre P. Marchal 是藝術創作公司 JPPM 的創辦人及藝術總監。這是一間專門從事數碼藝術指導、策劃和傳播策略的機構。

  • Pierre Pomonti

    作為 Folkr 的創辦人,巴黎的 Pierre Pomonti 已經記錄了他的日常生活 10 年了。從媽媽借給他一部小小的菲林相機,開始拍攝家鄉馬賽的風景,到現在也不斷拍攝民俗和自然風光。

  • Pietro Contaldo

    Pietro Contaldo 是拿坡里的街拍師和經營著 Igersitalia 這個世界上最大的內容創作者社群。自 2016 年起,他一直擔任義大利全球性的街道與紀事攝影項目 24 Hour Project 的大使。Pietro 同時也是烹飪和街頭小食紀錄片項目 Foodtellers 的創辦人之一。他尤其喜歡 Ilford HP 5 Plus 35 mm。

  • Ramón Jiménez III

    Ramón Jiménez III巴塞隆納大使館的經理,他以人像攝影來訴說故事。

  • Ray Ong

    Ray Ong is a designer and photographer with a flair for cinematic instant image, which earned him a spot in the Now or Never category of the Lomography Awards. When shooting, he prefers capturing the quietness and atmosphere of moments and feels the most carefree when discovering new places with his camera.

  • Ricardo Moreno

    Ricardo Moreno 是哥倫比亞波哥大設計、藝術和菲林攝影公司 POORdesigner.com 的董事。2010 年,他成為 Lomography 哥倫比亞區的品牌大使,讓他有機會接觸原始攝影。他很享受這個過程,並喜歡在物體、圖像和產品中尋在美麗的顏色、形狀、功能和技術。

  • Robert of London Camera Project

    The driving force behind the London Camera Project, London-born Robert is a self-taught photographer with a love for all formats who is just as at home shooting protests as he is shooting portraits. Apart from photography, he has been organising photo walks and other community-based meetups for a number of years. Robert has recently made a number of contributions to podcasts and YouTube live videos.

  • Roberto Fiuza

    2016 年 TEN AND ONE 比賽 Game Changers 組別得獎者 Roberto Fiuza (@robertofiuza) 對光影暸如指掌,他以相機拍攝超現實的對稱作品。

  • Rumpaporn Vorasiha

    Rumpaporn Vorasiha 是攝影師,亦是曼谷大學攝影課的特別導師。

  • Sarah Blard

    Independent photographer, Sarah Blard has been passionate about analogue photography for many years. With her camera, she catches the fine line between the real world and the imaginary, somewhere between the visible and the invisible. Sarah’s photos have been published online and in printed magazines. She has been exhibited in France and Spain, too.

  • Sebastian Alvin Setiawan

    Sebastian Alvin Setiawan 是印尼的菲林攝影愛好者。他主要拍攝人像和街拍,也是 2017 年 TEN AND ONE Awards 中 Now and Never 類別的其中一個優勝者。

  • Sebastian Gansrigler

    Sebastian Gansrigler 出生於奧地利,現在是博物館和畫廊的獨立攝影師,並在維也納擔任平面設計師。他曾就讀媒體設計和媒體技術專業,自 2019 年來,他一直擔任攝影雜誌 Auslöser 的出版人和主編。

  • Sebastian Hilgetag

    Sebastian Hilgetag 是時裝、雜誌及廣告攝影師。他的作品不止於衣裝,而蘊含強而有力及獨特的概念。

  • Sebastian Kortmann

    攝影師和導演 Sebastian Kortmann 總是在追求美學。他從事商業攝影已久,包括商業廣告和人像攝影。

  • Shintaro Nakamura

    Shintaro Nakamura is the director of SCHEMA, inc. and a photographer. His photos appear in the packaging of the limited edition Lomography x Kitamura LomoChrome Metropolis TOKYO FILM, celebrating 20 years of Lomography Japan.

  • Sophie Schwartz

    Sophie Schwartz is a New York-based photographer, book artist, and archivist. She is the photo editor of PIQUE, a magazine that celebrates the art and cultural contributions of queer women and non-binary individuals. Her work bridges traditional technique with contemporary content, working primarily with a large format view camera. She currently works at The Penumbra Foundation.

  • Sophirat Muangkum

    Sophirat Muangkum 自學成攝影師,現已擁有超過十年經驗。她的作品主要是藝術及裸照創作,曾於泰國及新加坡展出。

  • Stella Gelardi Malfilatre

    Stella Gelardi Malfilatre 是攝影師,亦從事紀錄及研究工作。她擅長於作品中突出人物的特點。

  • The Maxwells

    a href="https://www.madebythemaxwells.com/">The Maxwells 由創意十足的 Ruby JunePhilip 組成。他們以特別的人像攝影展示對攝影的熱愛。

  • Torsten Dittkuhn

    bloomchen 是資深 Lomography 社群成員,他對實驗攝影十分執著,並在 2017 年 TEN AND ONE Awards 中成為 Trial and Error 類別的優勝者。

  • Tung Li

    Tung Li is an artist and professional photographer from Taiwan also known as “Visual Wasted”. Over the past four years, he has concentrated on creating visual arts about the relation between oneself and the society they live in. At the core of his work is the belief that art should question the prevailing system and provide a space for introspection to its creators. His photographs have been part of multiple group and solo exhibitions.

  • Valerie Timmermans

    Passionate and collecting all things photography, Valerie Timmermans is the curator of the Instagram account dedicated to photography @valtimmermans and an associate curator on the project @subjectivelyobjective. Recently, she was invited by photographer Matthieu Venot to write the preface to his upcoming book. She’s currently working on two personal instant photo projects: @234_stations and @wasser__s__turm, together with @gangswithaview.

  • Willie Schumann

    資深社群成員 Willie Schumann (@wil6ka) 為網上雜誌帶來不絕靈感。職業是許多人夢寐以求的新聞主播及電影製作人,他一路收集著不同故事。

  • Wong Kar Wai

    Wong Kar Wai 以東方昇角色拍攝嬉笑怒罵的影片,討論社會大小事。他亦以攝影創作將幽默又狂野一面完美示現。

  • Zhang Keyue

    Zhang Keyue is a commercial and art photographer with fashion and travel as his main focus. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

  • Zhang Qianli

    Zhang Qianli is the founder of "原来这么拍 (So That’s It)" and a professional photographer and videographer who has collaborated with big brands in the field. In 2005, he won the first prize of the National Geographic Travel Photography Contest. He now lives in Toronto, Canada.

  • Xiao Dao

    Xiao Dao 是一名自由撰稿人和攝影講師。他的作品風格簡單、純粹、具有禪意。他曾作為中國國家地理雜誌、百度「俄羅斯世界杯」的特約攝影師。

  • 林海音

    林海音 是在北京和紐約的時尚攝影師。她的作品曾在《Vogue》、《Harper 's Bazaar》、《Elle》、《國家地理》等雜誌上刊登。

  • 強銀

    強銀 是中國資深攝影師,也是《Camera Beta》 的主編。他熟悉各種攝影器材,也參與「卡色」攝影比賽。