Testing my new Sx-70

..with original Polaroid film expired 01/07 and enjoying the first days of spring..

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  1. saviorjosh
    saviorjosh ·

    Great album!! Good you see your first Polaroids!
    You have proven yet again that you can be a master of any camera! :)
    The expired 600 film actually looks a bit like TimeZero film with a light blue tone!

  2. bujidubabi
    bujidubabi ·

    Quiet, romantic feeling! And completely agree "saviorjosh“ the words. Your the Lubitel photo also great!

  3. sondyy
    sondyy ·

    love it

  4. hoseun
    hoseun ·

    lovely! :D

  5. blancarleal
    blancarleal ·


  6. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    Stunning album and great shoes!

  7. dmitriy_f
    dmitriy_f ·

    Amazing red!

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