X-Ray Black & White Film Soup- Failed!

This roll of film soup didn't exactly turn out as I had planned but it was an experiment and I wanted to try new things. The film was actually shot on both an LCA and Sprocket Rocket. However it has turned out rather random! That's Lomography!!!

I created the soup by adding 5 large table spoons of cooking salt to tepid water. I soaked the rolls for 2 hours only. I left to dry over night then in the morning I dried further with a dark bag and hairdryer. Whilst the film was unwound I clenched it in my fist until I heard a cracking noise. I rewound the film and shot within the hour. I first shot X-Ray images off my computer screen using and LCA in a pitch black room. I held the shutter open for about 2 seconds. I then loaded the film into my Sprocket Rocket and shot my local village of Hampstead.

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