Iceman - TIFF Screening

I was fortunate enough to be in Toronto recently during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and caught the screening of Iceman. The film Iceman is based on the biography of Richard Kuklinski, a convicted mafia hitman. The cast was in attendance for this screening at the Princess of Wales Theater. In some of the photos, you may be able to pick out Winona Ryder, Michael Shannon, Ray Liotta, etc.

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    Had I known you were in town I would have suggested we meet up for a pint.

  4. mafiosa
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    Hey @deepfried_goodness - the thought certainly crossed my mind. If I had been able to stay an extra day, I would have contacted all my Toronto Lomo-Peops for a meet up. Will definitely plan better for it next time.

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    So beautiful : )

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    great one.

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    this photo with tungsten? wao..

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    Truly awesome shot!

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    super mega hyper ultra cool!!!

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    wow :)

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    nice shot!

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    Nice !

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    I love this one

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    Wonderful album!!

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