Photos I took as illustrations to my friend's short story

Full bladder
(ode to depression)

፨The world is beautiful. There is nothing like that moment when spring begins, when the trees start to turn green again and you know in all the hope and faith that things will get better. And I have a full bladder. Never mind, everybody has their problems and I just have a full bladder, well, it's not that big of a deal.
፨Look, our city of Prague, it's such a beautiful place. Look, look, can't you see it or what?
፨Can I see it? Well, not at the moment, because my bladder is full, and you know, that's a big strain on my body.
፨Your bladder’s full?
፨Yeah, 400 ml already. What do you think?
፨Actually, my bladder's full too. Wait, I'm gonna piss right here. What? Aren't you gonna join me?
፨I can't. The muscles around my bladder have weakened. But I don't worry about it too much, you know, nobody sees it, so I'm spared all the comments. Come on, let's go to the library or to a concert or let's catch a movie. What's the matter, didn’t you take a leak already? It never takes you too long, so come on, let's go. I can't wait to see the library again, of course, I've seen it many times before and I'm sure I'll see it again. Don't you wanna go? Life is beautiful, yes, there's that full bladder thing, but what the hell, I can live with it.

፨Hello, doctor, my bladder is full.

፨Just go ahead and piss, man!

፨I can't do it, my bladder muscles are too weak. Can I have a question? How long a bladder like that can hold for?

፨It bursts at like 600 ml.

፨All right, still have all afternoon. I'm either gonna die tonight or someone's gonna catheterize me.

፨Hello, I'm calling for help! Does anyone hear me? Is there any good soul out there? I have a full bladder and life is so beautiful, look, flowers are blooming, there's a beautiful restored building here and there's Letná, the place where I almost grew up, look... But… shame on you, you can't see it, you really are blind! And pathetic!! You can't see all the beauty, you can only think about your bladder, as if there wasn't anything else...

፨Hello, I'm calling SOS, it's getting dark, it's about to burst.

፨What an idiot, he can't even get help, look at him, let's not even bother, he's gonna kick the bucket any minute anyway. Ok he's dying, he's gone. But life is so beautiful, forget about your problems and live, look around you, can't you see it!!!????

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