Periwinkle Madness

Magic Hour over the Val d'Herens

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  1. montagu
    montagu ·

    I wanted to catch Mont Blanc at sunset, but those beautiful silky clouds f'cked up my shot

  2. stevejack0
    stevejack0 ·

    It's frustrating and especially so when you have climbed a mountain!!

  3. rolfmg
    rolfmg ·

    It remains a great shot even without the sunset....

  4. montagu
    montagu ·

    @rolfmg Thanks, yeah I agree, no biggie... Got the mont blanc for breakfast the next morning;)

  5. montagu
    montagu ·

    @stevejack0 It's all good, it was an amazing trip and we had nice Mont Blanc views the next morning;)

  6. pmonroe
    pmonroe ·

    That Mamiya 7 II really captures great depth! Great job @Montagu

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