I collect vintage cameras and use them whenever I get the chance. The cameras I am currently using include:-

Kodak Retina II (Type 142), Recesky TLR, Blackbird Fly, Rolleiflex 'Old' Standard, Rolleicord IIa, Pentax Auto 110, Pentax Pino, Fotorama Viewshooter, Coronet Commander, Yunon DX-1000, Bentley WX-3, Twinkle 2, Diana, Holga 120GN, Ansco No. 2 Buster Brown, Argus C2, Universal Buccaneer, Practika FX, Fotorama Viewshooter, Minox 35 ML, Zorki 2C, Zorki 3, Fed3 Type A, Chaika III, Elikon 4, Elikon 535, Huaxia 841, Seagull 205A, Ricoh 500RF, Ricoh Auto Half, Oshiro 3C's, Tougodo Mei-Half, Franka Frankarette, Balda Baldessa 1a, Pinhole Blender 35, Ilford Obscura, Ondu Pinhole and Welta Weltix

I also process my own black and white film, generally using Ilford ID-11 and have just started experimenting with Caffinol. I have also started processing C41 colour too.

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