--- My steps to lomography ---

Shot plenty of film as a kid-teenager.
Stopped photographing for a long period.
Started photographing again with digital.
Thought film photography was dead until I found about lomography.
Took all of the analog equipment out of the closet and started repairs.
Bought film.
Here I am, shooting film again!

Born and raised in a beautiful Greek island, Skopelos, now living and working in Athens, Greece. Experimenting with various types of photography in my free time. Film photography is one of them.

In my photostream here you will find only film images scanned from negative, without post editing. My themes are mostly scenes from Athens and Piraeus the places where I live and work but I also carry a camera with me in every other place I visit. My goal is to give you a taste of my life as a citizen and traveler.

One of my plans is to have my own darkroom. After all, analog photography has its own magic. It is not only about the result, It is about the procedure, from the moment you put the film in the camera to the moment you hold the prints to your hands!
From October 2016 I have started B&W Photography, development and printing lessons and Now I am a part o Heraklion Photographic Team, developing film and printing photos myself.

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”
Greg Anderson

Cameras in use:

Nikon F75
Minolta X-700 (My father's camera)
Canon Snappy K (My first camera, back to duty!)
Kiev 4 (My father's first camera)
Zenit 12XP
Zenit E
Lomo Lubitel 166U

Cameras wanted:

Lomography Horizon Perfekt (Astonished with what I have seen so far!)

Lomo Home of the day:…

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