Covington Christmas Parade 2011

First Saturday of December.

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  1. signal7
    signal7 ·

    How do you know you are in GA?.... That's how, lol.

  2. kiteflyin
    kiteflyin ·

    @signal7 Haha yep

  3. st-analoque
    st-analoque ·

    Isnt that cahrger ?! I love it !!!

  4. bridgetj
    bridgetj ·

    Yep, if you didn't know where you were before, you do now, lol. Excellent.

  5. lazybuddha
    lazybuddha ·

    OMG the General Lee, love it!

  6. caroni
    caroni ·

    great, hazard conty is near !! ^^ and thanks for looking my pictures

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