After many years of digital photography, back to the analog world!
I develop b&w negatives and positives myself. The pictures shown in Home are mostly negative scans. These self made scans are processed within the scope of what is also possible in analog form.

I have transferred also a selection of suitable digital pictures into the analog world.
These digital images are not processed with an "analog" effect filter, but copied onto b&w negative films, which are self-developped. The processing then follows within the analog possibilities.

I use (of course analog) Minolta cameras from my collection, mostly an XE-1 or an XD-7, more recently the X-700...
... with the exception of the panorama pictures, for which I use a 1970 Horizon and a Rolleicord IV for medium format.

This Lomo platform is so inspiring, thank you all for that. I am very happy to share my pictures here.

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