my name is Courtney, i am a biologist, artist, photographer, lomographer, fixer, problem solver, luddite, Midwestern neanderthal, amateur entomologist, top-seeded amateur Russian Camera aficionado (maybe), amateur elevator operator, amateur plumber, amateur mountain climber, amateur sherpa, finder of lost objects, director, cinematographer, introvert, and Danish explorer.
Lomohome of the Day 1/09/2015, 5/18/2015, and 12/25/16,
joined 2010-01-10

Cameras (in no particular order)
Fed 5B (1977-1990)
Fed 5B (1980 Moscow Olympic Model)
fed 4 (has light leaks)
fed 1 (haven't tested yet)
zorki-1 (has light leaks )
Zenit ttl olympic(not working)
Zenit ttl olympic( questionable)
Zenit ttl olympic(haven't tested yet)
Leica IIIA (1937, I think)
Canon AE-1 (80's)
Lomography Oktomat
Lomography Sprocket Rocket
Lomography LC-A orange
Lomography LC-A black
Yashica Samurai x3.0 (1988)
4x Fuji DL-25 plus

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