Lomography photo of the day (recognizing composition) September 2, 2023

thank you analog community for being so welcoming.
i am new to film ,as i found a vintage Pentax Zoom 105-R in my grandparents closet.
there is no better feeling than capturing a still moment in time, allowing light to burn the desired image on crispy chemicals, forever.
i get overwhelmingly excited when my scans and prints back, as i am to share it with likeminded people, and to see all of your beautifully creative photos and expressions of art through photography.
i just upgraded from my pentax point and shoot to my first SLR.
//Minolta x 700
//MD Zoom f3.5 28mm-80mm.
//MC Rokkor 50mm 1.4

//olympus OM 10.
//Zukio 50mm 1-1.8

films i currently have in the works include:
//fujifilm super g 100. (expired)
//fujifilm super g 200. (expired)
//fujifilm HQ 100. (expired)
//fujifilm HQ 200. (expired)
//fujifilm fuji color 200.
//fujifilm fuji color 400.
//fujifilm superia premium 400.
//fujifilm superia x-tra 400. (expired)
//illford delta 3200.
//kentmere pan 100.
//kodak max 400. (expired)
//kodak porta 160.
//kodak porta 400.
//kodak porta 800.
//kodak ultramax 400.
//kodak gold 200.
//kodak colorplus 200.
//kodak vision 3 200T 5213.
//kodak vision 3 500T 5219.
i would really love to acquire more allocated films for my collection such as fujicolor c200, fujicolor 100, fujifilm Velvia, fujifilm Provia, kodak ektachrome, and kodak ektar.. if you know anywhere selling these films for a decent price ,i would love a recommendation!

as i have embarked on my passionate journey in capturing film ,my sweet fiancé has also adapted an interest and love for 35mm film. if you enjoy my page ,you may also enjoy anthony’s as well. it’s cooler than my lomo. @minimacmiller

as i fall into dark voids of my depressive mind and addictive tendencies ,photography has honestly helped uplift me in my deepest and darkest places. the excitement i feel and hear from this community helps me in more ways than you can imagine.
the world can be so cruel sometimes. so to hear from you all, ALL over the world ,and life live vicariously through your photos inspires me more than you can imagine.

thank you ,come again!

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