the 'COLORS' of #expired negative film scans

My uploaded 'negative film scans' are selected from around 2,000 frames (from film roll #5 up to film roll #87). These are snapshots taken from November 2012 up to January 2016. My uploaded 'negative film scans' are reduced in (pixels) frame size and are the carbon copy (copies) of the 'negative film scans' used by the mini photo lab machines to develop/print on photo paper. The 'negative films scans' are not actually meant to be seen, that is, 'to look good' on a digital screen monitor. My actual work/snapshot is the photograph, developed/printed on 4x6 inches or 5x7 inches glossy photo paper.

From the details, you will see '#expired film'.
The negative film rolls are made in USA, MEXICO, E.U., ITALY, CHINA, & JAPAN.
The climate in those countries are different than the climate here in the Manila.
Resulting in the level/degree of expiration on the entire length of the negative film roll, being different/variable, than in the country of origin. In addition, the mini photo lab machines of noritsu, fujifilm, konica, & kodak which processed and scanned the negative film rolls (at machine default settings) , I think made a lot of difference.

ABOUT: "The Manila Bay sunset, viewed along Dewey Blvd., Manila."
It is not everyday that you can see a sun, during sunset along Dewy Blvd., Manila.
The clouds sometimes cover the sun. If ever you can see a sun during sunset, the Manila Bay sunset view is different each day. And most of all, the sunset view changes every second.

"I wait for the 'ambient light' around me to change, before I take a snapshot."

[Sa aking paningin ay, "Nagbabago ang tanawin, sa bawat sandali."]

ABOUT ME: From March 2012 up to January 2016, I tried this '35mm film slr camera photography' as a pastime. After around 2,000 frames of snapshots, I finally understand (now), what photography is all about.

ABOUT MY BEST WORK: After I had my (Kodak Gold 100) film roll #34 processed and developed on 5x7 inches glossy photo paper, I noticed at once this frame #2 (taken on June 9, 2013). I told my self, "This is the closest thing (that I can do) to approach the quality of a fine art painting on canvas."
I knew that I can never take a snapshot better than this one. I wanted to stop at that time. But, I have no other pastime for me to do. So, I continued to take pictures.

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