One Small Step for Man, One Step 2 for Filmkind 40 years later!!!

Look what just arrived! History in the making. The first real Polaroid One Step since 1977! I love my LomoInstant Automats but this is history. I own both the One Step 600 and the Rainbow Land Camera (awful thing that piece of junk). This new One Step 2 from Polaroid Originals looks like the old cheap Rainbow Land Camera but with upgrades and features that one didnt have, and it uses both 600 and i-Type film. Wee! Just have to charge it to use it now and then waste some expensive film because, fun!

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  1. brine
    brine ·

    Mine came yesterday s well ... can't wait to go out and burn some film!!!

  2. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    @brine - wahoo! Its fun... I’m working on a hints and tips for it but here are a few things that might help... the VF is “off” a bit on mine, so pay attention in your first shot and center something in the shot then look at the result so you can adjust a little, mine I have to adjust to the right a little. The flash is -very- strong, so turn it down for selfies and anything 4’ Or less distance down to the 2’ Close distance or your subject will be blown out. Also be careful about stuff in the shot that might reflect the flash blowing it out or absorb it and under expose. Self timer is a little tricky at first, you have to press and hold it until the red light comes on, then hit your shutter and wait... if you dont time it right it will pop a shot off accidentally. And watch the back of it where you rest your cheek, even cleaned your face is going to leave grease on the black version thats obvious. I’m considering putting a screen cover type of thing on there to keep it from having a long term effect on the look of the camera. It wont let you aim right into the sun and shoot. Which is a good thing. And to do longer exposures, use the flash off button (on lower back below USB port) and cover the exposure reader and you should get around 15 seconds of exposure if held steady or on tripod for a lovely shot. The Automats do 15secondds to despite what they say about 30. I have 30 Automats and all do 15. There’s no MX, and tricking it by firing a shot and turning it off doesnt work like it does w some instants. But beyond that, its fun. It’s NO automat, hard to beat those wonderful cameras, but it is fun.

  3. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    Also the new Polaroid branded film is MUCH MUCH better then the Impossible. If you want the impossible I paid how much for this shot look, get their branded film. if you want what looks like a real Polaroid shot, get the new formula, it also develops MUCH faster, 15 mins vs 45 for the IP color. And enjoy and share the shots!

  4. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    That was “I have 3 Automats” lol. I dont have 30 that would be silly. (Or reeeeeally awesome).

  5. brine
    brine ·

    @alienmeatsack I have an Automat and a wide one as well ... also two Fujis and a LCA with a instant back as well as a few genuine Polaorid cameras ... the new film is definitely better than the Impossible stuff!!! I have been an instant film lover since the 60s!!!

  6. jaunman
    jaunman ·

    @alienmeatsack thanksfor the tips - Got mine on Monday!

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