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For Forest

Somewhere in between a fairy tale and a strange joke: Once upon a time there was a megalomaniac politician, who came to power in a small country. He built big things so that the people love him more and don't forget him. For example, he built a big soccer stadium. He didn't care that there was no good soccer team in the country. So the stadium was left empty most of the time, and it was of absolutely no use after the death of this great politician. But then, a well known artist discovered this building and made a big Land Art Project there. He planted a wood inside the stadium. A smart idea? - Maybe not, but at least it had a little use now. But sometimes miracles happen, and most of the time they happen in sports. So suddenly, out of nowhere, a soccer team from this little country learnt to play soccer. They even did quite well in international competitions. Many people wanted to see them, so they could really use a big stadium. Luckily there was one - unluckily there was a forest inside....

Adrenaline Junkies: Action Photography 動作攝影大獎 2020

2020 TEN AND ONE Lomography 年度攝影大獎 Adrenaline Junkies 組別公開募集作品中,提交你的動感及運動攝影作品!

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