Double exposure, detergent wash and a scoop of magic make an unexpectedly cool image! I'm loving it!

birds boredbone colors detergent double doubleexposure experiment mistakes wash
Canon AE-1
Fuji Superia 400 (35mm) (Lomography 線上商店 有售)
Quezon City
Color Porn

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  1. lazybuddha
    lazybuddha ·

    This is awesome!!

  2. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    ooooo!! nice!!!

  3. ohpleasedontgo
    ohpleasedontgo ·


  4. grazie
    grazie ·


  5. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    Very very nice! Make some postcards out of it!

  6. palkina
    palkina ·


  7. thethingamajig
    thethingamajig ·

    asteeeeg *U*

  8. izzanniznadia
    izzanniznadia ·

    so impressed!

  9. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    thank you everyone :)

  10. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Great work!

  11. jillpossible
    jillpossible ·

    I LOVE IT!!!

  12. stepi
    stepi ·

    Cool album! :)

  13. srmarcus
    srmarcus ·

    Fantastic album!

  14. sprofishgel
    sprofishgel ·

    This kind of magic is just great :)

  15. hankerkizia
    hankerkizia ·

    wow!!! really great shot!!!

  16. tofutiff
    tofutiff ·

    I think this is my new favorite photo of all time <3

  17. 134340
    134340 ·

    Wow, very nice album!!! :)

  18. cpolpa
    cpolpa ·


  19. pussylove
    pussylove ·

    Love it!

  20. moodification
    moodification ·

    Cool album!

  21. anafaro
    anafaro ·

    This effect is great! :) What soup film recipe did you use?

  22. boredbone
    boredbone ·

    Hi @anafaro thanks. i just throw the film in the washing machine, i really can't remember how much water or detergent soap are in there or what else are in there, and after a minute or so i picked up the film and dried it up using a blower. the next day i went to the lab to have it developed and it was rejected because it was still wet. i waited for about a week to have it developed again. it's magic. really an unexpected result. I did the same thing again with a slide film and it was a total fail. but i will try it again soon. i hope this helps.

  23. adash
    adash ·

    Very cool!

  24. phoenix1206
    phoenix1206 ·

    beautiful colours!

  25. ale2000
    ale2000 ·

    Terribly love this one!

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