Parisian Fisheye Adventure


Make the most of your Parisian trip and walk your way to most of the places. It’s actually quite a small city but it simply has so much to offer! You’d be in awe with all the lovely things that you can take photos of with your Lomography camera!

Eiffel Tower

Much to our delight, most of the museums and galleries are free to EU travellers under the age of 26. All you have to do is show your passport upon entry. Paris is a truly beautiful city with a cathedral, museum or decorative bridge round every corner. Be sure to make a stop off at the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower of course.

Jardin du Luxemburg

Fantastic surrounding buildings, great flower beds, and massive pond/fountain with huge fish, ducks, and you can even rent yourself a little boat.

The Arc of Triomphe

Climb the many stairs for great views of Paris, you can spy the Eiffel Tower and La Defense, afterwards take a stroll down the classy Avenue des Champs-Elysées past various jewellers and the best of designer clothing stores.

At the end of this avenue head to the Pont Alexandre III bridge, which is the most elaborately decorated bridge in Paris. On both sides of the river are impressive buildings like the Grand Palais and Petit Palais. We went into the Petit Palais which has a beautiful courtyard. You can take a stroll down the river towards the Eiffel Tower which is romantic even during the day and at night. It’s definitely a can’t-miss tourist destination while you’re in Paris.

I recommend a trip to La Defense where there is a multicoloured striped tower which looks great in photographs. Also the Centre Pompidou, a Fisheye works well on the escalators and in the tunnels. Plus good views of the city and various arts on show.

Montmartre was my favourite Parisian area with small cobbled streets, restaurants, and crepe cafes around the Espace Dali exhibition and Musee de Montmartre areas. Walk around this very hilly area and be sure to at least walk past the Moulin Rouge which isn’t far away.

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