Kodak, please don't Kill Slide Films!


Kodak, please don’t Kill Slide Films!

Here’s Kodak’s notice:

Due to a steady decrease in sales and customer usage, combined with highly complex product formulation and manufacturing processes, Kodak is discontinuing three EKTACHROME (color reversal) Films:

KODAK PROFESSIONAL ELITE Chrome Extra Color 100 Film (EBX)

We estimate that, based on current sales pace, supplies of these films are expected to be available in the market for the next six to nine months; however, inventories may run out before then, depending on demand.

This does not affect KODAK PROFESSIONAL Color Negative Films or KODAK PROFESSIONAL Black and White Films which remain available part of the KODAK PROFESSIONAL Film portfolio.

Kodak’s website:

Kodak Professional’s Facebook:

Do you still believe Kodak’s reason of discontinue ALL SLIDE FILMS?


Kodak use the same excuse to explain why they discontinue a film’s production. However, Kodak said that “Film is still profit making” after applied the bankruptcy protection. But now, they kill what we love and what we need!!!!! Also, the are going to commit suicide!!!

Last time, I’ve speak loud to Kodak that we need EB3:

Even Kodak don’t listen last time, I wish everybody can still speak loud to Kodak this time. It is out LAST CHANCE to save Kodak Slide Films!!!! I hope everybody can share this article to every film lovers, and encourage them to use any method that can contact Kodak, and tell them:

You can also suggest Kodak to sell the formula of these formula to companies who wish to continue the production of them, At least we can still keep Kodak Slide Films alive.

Through emails, letters, phone calls or Facebook, tell Kodak you are sad and angry about this, and wish them not to commit suicide and kill film lovers’ analogue future!!!!!!!!

Share/translate this article, encourage more and more film lover’s to SPEAK LOUD TO KODAK, save out ANALOGUE FUTURE!!!

(Suggested by Kodak Live Chat, you can email your hope of Kodak Slide Film’s continuous production to: customerrelations@kodak.com
Tel: 1-888-368-6600 (toll free),
7 AM to Midnight Eastern Time, 7-days a week (except national holidays))

My last words to Kodak:
Dear Sir, Madam

I’m one of the big user in the world who uses large amount of Kodak Slide Films. I’m totally disappointed about the latest decision of your company – ALL Slide Films production is going to terminated. I write this mail with my anger and breaking heart. If your company don’t listen and follow film users’ voice and follow user’s need, it will be my last words to Kodak. Please forward this mail to Kodak Professional – Film department. This mail is about Kodak’s future.

Kodak, you use the same excuse to explain why they discontinue a film’s production. However, you said that “Film is still profit making” after applied the bankruptcy protection. But now, you are going to kill what we love and what film users need! You are going to commit suicide! Slide users won’t change to use Portra nor Ektar, but just switch to use slides from other brands. Please, don’t tell lies to customers anymore. Your lie failed to explain the most famous Elite Chrome 100 EB3’s discontinuation .

Kodak, please throw away the pedantic strategy if you want your company survive. Why Ilford, Rollei can still stand in the market, Fujifilm is still selling various slide films & brand new analogue camera, Lomography can earn money by selling new analogue cameras & and films (their X-Pro Chrome 100 is so famous in the market), Agfa is still keep producing the new CT100 slide film, but Kodak just keep on killing popular slide films? It’s reasonable t o end Kodachrome’s life due to the complicated and high cost K-14 process, but unreasonable for Elite Chrome & Ektachrome.

I appreciate that Kodak have new T-Max, Ektar and renewed Portra in the past few years, but I hate Kodak’s behavior keeps on killing slide films even Kodak don’t have much choices left in the market. Film users are get used to reasonable increase of price, but not accept Kodak’s action of just simply cut a product when it looks hard to make profit now. It time to change your mind on selling films.

We choose films is not just on quality approach. We enjoy hold the slides on hands to taste the pictures when I choose E-6 process, expect the unexpected colors & feels when I choose C-41 process.(xpro) We are all wish to help Kodak get over the difficulties, but you should not ignore customers voice, and keep on disappointing customers. Many film users will to help Kodak to get over the difficult time, but Kodak should let your supporters have different choices on the three main types of films: B&W, Negative, and the COLOR REVERSALS. Especially the COLOR REVERSALS become famous due to the promotion of LOMO culture and Cross Processing Method in these years. Kodak slides’ cross processing results are unique and no other brands’ slides can be replaced. Also, many new entering film users learn the power of standard E-6 processing effect, they choose to use more and more slide films.

In my point of view,
Elite Chrome EB3, ED3 and EBX have many users used form Cross Processing. Add Cross Process marks of the new package will attract more young people to use. Especially in some of the cities that is hard to find a E-6 lab. Also, the ED3 is in ISO 200, there are not much choices in the market and should me kept.

Ektachrome Series for processional market of course. E100G, E100GX and E100VS give natural or vivid results for E-6 users. Fuji’s RVP and RDP looks so different from them. Also, E100VS’s cross process results are so nice that many people choose for cross process even it has a higher price.

Besides, with reference to Fujifilm’s success of Natura Classica / Klasse S/W Camera, Kodak can product one to two compact camera, with a little manual (EV+/-, Flash Off) and A-Mode control, together with 1:2.8 aperture, I’m sure there will be another impact on the market. As you ends digital camera’s production, the main business that consumer market knows about Kodak will be just Films and Photo Output service. Make it again, even with not a large amount, the market will be welcomed. I am sure I will be one of them.

KEEP SLIDE FILMS PRODUCTION, make one or two film camera models to attract people’s eyes to bounce back in analogue business – Kodak’s origin, Kodak’s root.

A film photographer,

One lomographer, one letter, ask Kodak to change their mind, keep the production of Kodak slide films!!!

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  1. iloveyousummer
    iloveyousummer ·

    hello fuji

  2. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    Personally I dont think Kodak has a clue about their slide film's appeal to Lomographers, otherwise they'd do a better marketing job.

  3. scissortail
    scissortail ·


  4. tom-gibson
    tom-gibson ·

    Shame im a big user of kodak slide film looks like im going to have to start using fuji shame slide film is dying out =(

  5. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    God letter and let's just how they change their kind, but I would point out that both Agfa and Ilford went through bankruptcy and dropped lots of films. agfa's slide film is made by Fuji. The Lomo xpro 100 film is rebranded Kodak elitechrome eb, so I guess we will see the end of that soon.

  6. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    thats so sad .. makes me almost cry